The Original Scrapbox - Your New Best Friend

have you heard of the original scrapbox? it’s pretty much the best thing ever and you are going to fall in love!



Yep! that big box is full of all of my crafting supplies and it’s a lifesaver when it comes to optimizing space in my small loft office.

I got the her hobbybox version about a year ago now and it completely transformed my space. i was constantly trying to figure out how to store everything so that I could find it easily, not spending valuable time searching for everything. What I love most about this piece though is that I can close the doors on it (can I get an amen?!)! No matter how I organized my space before, it always felt messy to me, even when everything was cleaned up and in it’s spot. Now, I can close the doors and the whole room feels CLEAN!


The boxes come with their own door handles but I customized mine a bit with these fun ones from Hobby Lobby! I actually saw some super similar at Anthropologie for over double the price - score!


The Her HobbyBox comes with lot of different sizes of shelves (that you can adjust) as well as all these clear bins that you see. I divided them up into my most common categories, made some custom calligraphy sticker labels (duh), and now I don’t have to dig around trying to remember which bin everything is in. A quick glance and I know exactly which one to pull out.


Another big reason I chose the Her HobbyBox model was because of the paper storage in the doors. Paper can be a pain in the butt to store. It’s either all stacked on top of each other or gets bent and scattered in a million different nooks and crannies. These slots in the door were the perfect solution to be able to see all my options and keep everything neat and wrinkle free.


Once the doors are opened up, you can also pull out a little table (hello extra desk space!). With the way that my office is laid out, I use it as a second desk behind me so that I can swivel and use both areas. Most of the time I have my Silhouette machine set up on my HobbyBox desk and my computer and everything else I’m working on at my main one. Then once I’m done, I pack it all up and close the doors!


The Her HobbyBox works perfect for me but make sure you go and look at all of their amazing options (including their brand new AMAZING DreamBox!).

PLUS, if you decide to order one for yourself, use my code POPYJACKSHOP to get $50 off a Her HobbyBox, DreamBox or WorkBox 3.0!

Video by the Original Scrapbox team / Photos by Megan Welker

Full office tour also featured on here

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