poppyjack shop | courtney herman

POPPYjack Shop is a boutique calligraphy studio based in Southern CA and owned by Courtney Herman.  POPPYjack Shop offers custom calligraphy for event invitations, wall prints, business branding, and more.  Courtney also teaches calligraphy classes in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as online classes to students around the world. 


POPPYjack is named after Courtney's two grandfathers.  She called her dad's father Poppy, and her mother's stepfather was always Grandpa Jack. Both were stubborn (and sometimes grouchy!) men, yet both had the sweetest souls. They loved their families, especially their grandchildren and made the world a better place.  Both believed in Courtney and her talents immensely and encouraged every dream and adventure she went on.  And she truly believes that both would be proud of this idea.